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At the Baldwin Park City Council meeting on June 19, Councilman Ricardo Pacheco referrered to his professional colleague Councilwoman Marlen Garcia as an "ass," and proceeded to repeat this derogatory term three times.

"The San Gabriel Valley/Whittier Chapter of the National Organization for Women would like to express our outrage, our deep disappointment, and dismay over the hostile behavior or Ricardo Pacheco", said Darby Mangen, President of the NOW Chapter. "The verbal abuse towards Councilwoman Marlen Garcia is completely unprofessional and should not be tolerated by any responsible member of the community," she added.

Ricardo Pacheco's use of demeaning language and bullying tactics towards a female leader in the community is far below the standard that the good citizens of Baldwin Park expect from its leaders.

SGV/Whittier NOW urges Ricardo Pacheco to apologize to his colleague Marlen Garcia, and the entire community for his lapse in judgment, integrity and character.

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